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Manufacturing Operations Management National Cranberry Cooperative – Harvard Case no. 9-675-014, Management homework help

Read the following:

  • National Cranberry Cooperative – Harvard Case no. 9-675-014

Answer the following questions:

  1. Develop a process flow diagram for processing cranberries (both wet and dry). Show the capacities at the different stages.
  2. What are the sources of variability affecting NCC's operations?
  3. Supposethat a peak harvest-season day involves 16,800 barrels of berries, 70%of them wet harvested, arriving uniformly over a twelve-hour period from7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Would trucks have to wait to unload? When during theday would trucks be waiting? How much truck waiting time would youexpect? What is the maximum number of trucks waiting during the day?
  4. If it costs $20 per hour to rent a truck and driver, how much money is spent by truck waiting on a peak day?
  5. Is the investment in a light meter system a good option?
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