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Marketing plan


RESEARCH Project Deliverable Description

There are NO page limits associated with this deliverable; however, it is expected the quality of the product will be consistent with that expected of an industry professional. APA style format PLEASE and references should be a minimum of 7. You only have to work 3 topics of this project OUTLINE number VI, VII and VIII.. Please take into consideration that this is a group work and that base on this paper they will construct the rest of the project outline so please the research information should be clear and well structure. No plagiarism


Assume you will be presenting this plan to either prospective investors as a company officer, or as a consultant who is assisting the company to identify areas for growth.

Macyâs Marketing Plan Outline

The marketing plan must contain but not limited to the following:

I. Executive Summary (10 points)-

II. The Company Description (10 points)

III. Organization (5 points)

IV. Strategic Focus and Plan (10 points)

V. Situation Analysis: (30 points)

VI. Market/Product Focus (35 points)

This section includes Marketing and Product Objectives as the main focus, under which the following information should be included:

Subheading #1: provide an analysis of the current market in which the company operates, new market opportunities, new product opportunities, and how the industry as it exists currently will support such initiatives.

Subheading #2: Target Market â Subheading #1 should help refine and define this market. A market-product grid may be useful to include to visualize (see Chapter 9).

Subheading #3: Points of Difference: What makes the product(s) unique, and why would the markets identified in Subheadings 1 and 2 would be attracted to, and attractive for the product?

Subheading #4: Positioning â identify the strategy that will be used to communicate Subheading #3 (Points of Difference). This is to be approached in relation to the competitive landscape as outlined in Section IV, Competitor Analysis.

VII. Marketing Programs (35 points)

This section is essentially a detailed analysis of the marketing mix factors (the 4 Pâs) and should be fairly well defined in the previous sections. Subheadings are as follows:

Subheading #1 â Product Strategy â include description of the product line, the unique product quality packaging, etc.

Subheading #2 â Price Strategy â define the price, the rationale/justification for the price point, etc.

Subheading #3 â Promotion Strategy â outline how the product will be marketed to your target market.

Subheading #4 â Place (Distribution) Strategy â consider the current distribution and how changes may need to be made based on any projected increase in sales volume.

VIII. Financial Data and Projections

Define the approximate size, in units and dollars, of the target market for each of the companyâs products/services.

Provide managementâs estimate of the companyâs market share and associated industry rank for both the last three years (actual) and the next three years (projected).

What has been the growth and profitability history of the industry, the company specifically, and what are its future prospects? If the projected growth rate exceeds the historical growth rate, discuss the major factors behind the companyâs assumptions (e.g., technological breakthroughs, lower production costs that can be passed on to customers, value chain benefits/competencies, etc.)

IX. Implementation Plan

X. Evaluation and Success Monitoring

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