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MATH 156 Week 3 DQs

This paperwork of MATH 156 Week 3 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following problems:

DQ 1: Post your response to the following: What is an example of a calculation using one operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) that cannot be easily computed mentally? What are some strategies you can use to mentally solve this expression? Which mathematical properties does your strategy require?Respond to classmates that may have chosen a different operation. Identify any similarities or differences from the way you solved your operation. Think about another way your classmate might have solved the problem mentally.DQ 2: Post your response to the following: You notice that one of you classmates is struggling with estimation. He or she has posted the following message in the Main forum. What advice do you have for this student with regard to the appropriateness of using estimation and how to pick appropriate numbers for compatible numbers? Provide an example that supports your explanation.Respond to your classmates by adding any information they may have missed in their response to the post. Discuss other estimation methods that could be used to solve the problem. For that problem, identify which method, if any, has a more accurate estimation.

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