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MATH 156 Week 7 DQs

This file of MATH 156 Week 7 Discussion Questions consists of:

DQ 1: Post your response to the following: What models can be used to help explain the concepts of addition and subtraction of rational numbers? What are the benefits to using such a model? What limitations does the model have? Create an addition or subtraction problem and demonstrate how the model might work.Participate in the discussion by identifying other models that might work in solving the problems posed by your classmates. Discuss the benefits and restrictions associated with the model.DQ 2: Post your response to the following: How do you add and subtract fractions? Provide an example and demonstrate the steps you would take to arrive at the answer. What strategies would you use to help a student struggling with the concepts of adding and subtracting fractions?Participate in the discussion by comparing the process you used with your classmates

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