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MATH 209 Week 2 DQs

This work of MATH 209 Week 2 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following points:

1. What is a common factor? Where do you use the common factor in an expression consisting of various terms? Examples??2. Find a math website that may be of benefit to a student taking MTH209 and write newspaper-style review of the site. Evaluate the site for its usefulness for a student in need of some extra help, so look at usefulness, reliability, ease of use, etc.3. Your friend is taking an algebra class that began one week after ours. Explain to your friend a general strategy for factoring in a very organized way. Post an email to your friend in the appropriate discussion question thread.4. Some people say that the Difference of Two Squares formula helps them to multiply large numbers without using a calculator. How would you use this formula to multiply 201 by 199? Find at least one more pair of numbers that can be multiplied this way. 5. Choose three integers a, b, and c. (Negative numbers are welcome.) Now use a, b, and c to create a trinomial ax2+bx+c. Can you factor this trinomial? How would you create a trinomial that will factor? 6. Demonstrate a problem from the individual assignment showing or explaining all aspects of the solution. Please remember to clearly identify the Section and problem number you are presenting. Also, please do not demonstrate a problem another student has submitted.

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