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MGMT 303 Week 8 Final Exam Answers Set 3

This file of MGMT 303 Week 8 Final Exam Answers Set 3 covers:

(TCO1) When the dean of the college of business downsized the college from five departments to four departments, the dean primarily was performing the ____ function of management.

(TCO 2) When LarMar Foods introduced Garlic Expressions salad dressing, it was concerned about locating and using the computer software needed to track orders and keep up with accounting records. With which dimension of the general environment was the founder of the company most concerned?

(TCO 2) AirTran Airlines (formerly ValuJet) has an airplane fleet that is older than those owned by other airlines. This is a potential ____ because it can give the company an image of poor quality or unsafe planes.

(TCO3) A firm is taking a(n) ____ stance when it actively looks for ways to benefit society as well as meeting its obligations and responding to requests.

(TCO4) Domestic managers who become international managers face several environmental challenges. Which of the following is NOT one of the additional environmental challenges that international managers face?

(TCO4) Princeton High School requires all written information sent to parents to be in English and Spanish. This is ____ that organizations can use to demonstrate understanding of the different needs of stakeholders.

(TCO5) The ____ of Applebee's is to gain "weekly repeat guests through providing surprisingly friendly hospitality, superior quality food, and world class service and value."

(TCO5) Chaparral Steel is so efficient in its steel production and casting processes that it is the only U.S. steel producer that regularly exports its products to Japan. This is an example of Chaparral Steel's

(TCO6) If you desired to become an entrepreneur, which of the following is the first step in planning of your business?

(TCO7) Sears has departments for clothing, tools, jewelry, and home goods. This is an example of departmentalization by

(TCO7) Desiree is reluctant to take a promotion because it involves moving. She knows little about the area she would be living in. According to the text, the most likely reason for such employee resistance to change is

(TCO8) Ana is a police detective in a metropolitan police force. She believes that she is just as good a detective as her male counterparts. Because she is female, many of her counterparts assume that she will type up their reports as well as her own. She has been doing this typing for a while and is increasingly feeling under rewarded for her efforts. In terms of ____, she will more than likely decrease her inputs by refusing to do typing for other detectives.

(TCO8) Chris Childers opened Macon Christian Bookstore in the 1980s. He quickly found that he needed help running the operation, so he hired his parents, his brother, and his girlfriend. Childers was pleased when his mother suggested having a section of the store devoted to decorative items. He encouraged his brother's idea about selling choir robes. He treats his employees like equals, asks their advice, and often implements their suggestions. According to the path-goal theory, Childers is a(n) ____ leader.

(TCO9) You are a manager who has been assigned to a work team that is composed of various functional managers. Which of the following forms of communication would your work team tend to use?

(TCO10) Marion Laboratories runs chemical analyses of materials to be used in the production process before those materials leave the receiving area of the warehouse. What kind of operations control is this?

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