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MGT 216 Week 3 Individual Assignment Ethics Game Simulation Paper

This archive of MGT 216 Week 3 Individual Assignment Ethics Game Simulation Paper includes:

Complete the interactive Ethics Game simulation, located on the course page on the University of Phoenix Student Web site for Week Three. After completing the simulation, answer the following questions.

1. Define your decision points and defend the decisions you made in the simulation.

2. Describe the relationship between virtue, values, and moral concepts in business and the simulation scenario.

3. Provide examples of how the concepts learned in this simulation relate to your workplace.

4. Explain ways in which external social pressures have influenced business ethics in this simulation.

Please be specific in your answers. You should expect to write 200-300 words for each of the four questions above. APA formatting is not required, but good grammar, editing, and organization of your thoughts is required. Formal research is not required beyond your use of the Ethics Game Simulation, but be sure to document appropriately if you use information from other sources, including your textbook.

Evaluation: 50% of the overall grade on this simulation will come from your overall success in the simulation (i.e. 5 points for A, 4.5 points for A-, 4 points for B, 3.5 points for B-, 3 points for C, 2.5 points for C-, 2 points for D, 1.5 points for D-, and 1 point for F (if all exercises completed). The remaining 50% of the grade will come from the answers to the questions noted above.

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