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MGT 311 Week 5 Discussion Questions 1 Set 1

This pack MGT 311 Week 5 Discussion Questions 1 Set 1 includes responses on the following problems:

  1. Can you believe it is the end of week 5 already??
  2. Getting employees to do things on their own volition is called Employee Buy-In. That is usually what we want to create. You can easily see through these attempts however if they are disingenuous.
  3. Have you all taken a look at Google yet? They have some major perks that do some major motivating.
  4. Sure, you will have a lot of employee buy-in if the employer is meeting employee needs. But not just lower order needs, we also need to meet higher order needs.
  5. Multiple needs in employees, multiple power bases from the employer. Combine this with right-fit and you have a winning combo!
  6. Deep level knowledge, also known as Tacit Knowledge, is related to performance level. Let's combine that with a diverse workforce.
  7. How can you use diversity and deep level knowledge to your advantage?
  8. What obstacles will you have?
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