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MGT 350 Week 3 Decisions In Paradise Paper Outline

This document MGT 350 Week 3 Decisions In Paradise Paper Outline Critical Thinking Strategies in Decision Making contains a solution on following task:

"Decisions in Paradise Paper Outline. Submit the following in outline form:

1) List the issues that appear in this business scenario

2) List the forces that impact the identified issues

3) Identi fy a decision - making technique that will be used to propose appropriate solutions to establishing a greater presence in Kava

4) List solutions to establish a greater presence on Kava

5) List your rationale and plan for implementation of the proposed solution(s)

6) List factors affecting decision implementation in your organization and of your proposed solution(s) including the resources and actions required for decision implementation

7) List key stakeholders

8) List the ethical implications of your solution(s) from the perspective of key stakeholders".

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