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MGT 401 Week 2 Quiz

The file MGT 401 Week 2 Quiz includes solution to the following questions:

1.Question :

Non-health effects that hazardous materials can produce including fire or explosion are known as ____ effects.

2.Question :

The pressure created over and above the normal or ambient pressure is known as ____.

3.Question :

The ability of a material to pass from a solid state to a gaseous state without becoming a liquid is known as ____.

4.Question :

Actions that are required to be taken to prevent the potential for infection are known as ____ precautions.

5.Question :

A material that contains loosely held hydrogen ions is known as a(n) ____.

6.Question :

____ is when you store materials apart so that they cannot react with one another.

7.Question :

A standard shipping document required by the EPA for shipments of hazardous wastes is known as the ____.

8.Question :

The ____ section of the ERG provides the specific response information for each group of materials and is referenced by the other colored sections.

9.Question :

The colors used in the NFPA system indicate three key hazards:

10.Question :

A process of placing smaller containers such as glass jars inside an open-head drum for proper shipment or disposal is known as ____.

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