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MGT 401 Week 4 Quiz

The file MGT 401 Week 4 Quiz includes solution to the following questions:

1.Question :

An area large enough to enter, not designed for occupancy, and hard to get in or out of is known as a ____ space.

2.Question :

The process by which gases and vapors settle into layers within an area based on their weight is known as ____.

3.Question :

Dust that obscures visibility to less than ____ ft must be considered ignitable.

4.Question :

The person positioned outside a confined space who monitors the conditions in and outside the

5.Question :

An operation in which entrants leave a confined space on their own power when an emergency occurs is known as ____.

6.Question :

An explosion caused when air is suddenly introduced into a confined area that contains high levels of heat and combustible gases is known as a(n) ____ explosion.

7.Question :

A ____ can collect small samples from inside a drum without damaging or affecting the material.

8.Question :

Changes in temperature can increase vapor production known as ____ and possibly lower vapor density, which would keep gases near the ground instead of allowing them to dissipate into the atmosphere.

9.Question :

An operation in which the attendant uses the retrieval equipment worn by entrants to pull them out of a confined space is known as ____.

10.Question :

The most significant weather event that may alter a contamination situation is ____.

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