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MGT 415 Week 2 Discussion Questions

This paperwork MGT 415 Week 2 Discussion Questions on the topic "Communication Breakdown and Valuing Diversity" comprises an answer on the following problem:

"Communication Breakdown. In separate paragraphs complete the following:

a) Recount past situations where you experienced a substantial breakdown in communication within a group.

b) Identify the communication barrier(s) at work. (For example, problems with communication can popup at every stage of the communication process, which consists of the sender, encoding, the channel, decoding, the receiver, feedback and the context---consider these problems in your answer).

c) Why did they occur? What were the consequences of the breakdown? Identify at least two strategies that could be used to overcome the barriers and improve communication effectiveness. Explain why the strategies will improve the communication process.

Valuing Diversity. a) Define diversity. b) Consider what diversity brings to the

organization where you work. Be specific and share what value diversity adds to the work-a-day experience. c) Can diversity increase the market potential of the firm? If so, how? Can diversity decrease market potential of the firm? If so, how? d) Add to your discussion the potential strategies your organization could deploy to increase the effectiveness of staff diversity and what advantages and limitations may result. Strategies are very specific

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