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MGT 415 Week 4 Quiz

The file MGT 415 Week 4 Quiz includes the right answers on these questions:

1. Which of the following factors enhance group decision making?

2. In what type of analysis is the problem seen as a balance between forces working in opposite directions.

3. ____________ is one or more group member assigned the role of challenging the testimony of all those who support the majority opinion.

4. At a __________________ group members are encouraged to express any remaining doubts and criticisms.

5. Decisions are by their very nature ___________.

6. According to Thomas and Schmidt (1976), managers spend what amount of their time dealing directly with conflicts?

7. Your text gives the Challenger space shuttle launch by NASA as an example of what?

8. Without _________, group decisions may always be less than optimal.

9. All of the following can be the basis for conflicts except:

10. Group X often creates the possibility of conflict, and believes that conflict is exciting. Group Y sees conflict as unitary, and tries to contain conflicts when they occur. How would you categorize each group, and which is more likely to be productive?

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