MGT 426 Entire Course

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MGT-426 Week 1 Article Review.docMGT-426 Week 1 DQs.docMGT-426 Week 2 DQs.docMGT-426 Week 2 Managing Change Part 1.docMGT-426 Week 2 Roles of Management and Individuals.docMGT-426 Week 3 DQs.docMGT-426 Week 3 Managing Change Paper Part II.docMGT-426 Week 3 Managing Change Part II Presentation.pptxMGT-426 Week 3 Resistance to Change.docMGT-426 Week 4 DQs.docMGT-426 Week 4 Ethics during Change.docMGT-426 Week 4 Managing Change III.docMGT-426 Week 5 DQs.docMGT-426 Week 5 Learning Organization Paper.docMGT-426 Week 5 Managing Change Citigroup Presentation.pptxMGT-426 Week 5 Managing Change Part 4.doc
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