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Microsoft word challenge


Microsoft Word is one of the most effective tools you can use to document an idea, proposal, or plan. It can help you present yourself and your ideas in a clean, clear, and concise way.

In this Challenge, you will use Microsoft Word to draft a blog entry about the problem you selected and share details for how you plan to solve it. Many people are likely facing the same problem you selected, and sharing your thoughts could be helpful to others. Drafting in Word can help you refine your writing until you are ready to share it online, if you decide to do so. (Keep in mind that a blog is just a website or web page that is created and updated by an individual or small group, so the tone can be informal. For samples of blogs, go to www.blogger.com or www.tumblr.com

NOTE: This assignment will be run automatically through SafeAssign plagiarism detection software and an originality report will be sent to your instructor.

Follow the steps below to draft your blog. [If you don’t remember how to operate any of these functions in Microsoft Word, refer back to TestOut, the course material in the LEARN section, your instructor, or Google it!]


  1. Title your blog.
    1. Make your title a header (use Heading 1 font as well as the Header function) so that it stands out.
    2. The title of your document should briefly restate your problem. (Examples: The Struggles of Time Management Issues, Starting a New Business, etc.). If you can, try to create a catchy title that would make someone want to read your blog entry.
  2. Write an overview of your problem and why it is important to you.
    1. Write a summary of your problem. Include why you chose the problem and why it is important to you. Why do you care about this problem? Why should others care?
    2. Write this overview as if you were talking to a friend. Let it be conversational.
    3. Italicize and center the text of the Overview.
    4. Make your Overview title a header (use Heading 2).
  3. List all possible solutions.
    1. Write a list of all possible solutions that you came up with.
    2. Make it a bulleted or numbered list.
    3. Your list should have 7-10 possible solutions.
  4. Share your top recommended solution.
    1. Describe why you think this is the best plan to solve your problem.
    2. Explain why you chose this solution above others.
    3. Create a table, chart or other visual listing both the benefits and risks of your recommended solution.
  5. Provide additional resources for your solution.
    1. List 3-5 additional credible online resources which provide details to help you implement your solution.
    2. Each resource should include the website name, article name, and web address (URL link). Each link should appear as a hyperlink.
  6. Format and save your document.
    1. Change the font to a new one that you feel is clean and easy to read.
    2. Add one color to some of the font in the document - the title, overview, or another area.
    3. Add a footer with page numbers.
    4. Be sure to spell check your document to check for any typos or errors.
    5. Save your file as firstname_lastname_Challenge2_CIS105.doc

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this challenge are:

  1. Conduct online research that results in valid and accurate information.
  2. Use basic application software.
  3. Create a digital solution for an identified business problem.
  4. Use technology in a professional and ethical manner within real world contexts.
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