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MIS 589 Week 6 Networking Concepts and Applications Assignment 6 iLab

This pack of MIS 589 Week 6 Networking Concepts and Applications Assignment 6 iLab covers the next issue:

Week 6: WANs, MANs, and the Internet - iLab

iLab 4: Web Report

Connect to the iLab here.

Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page.

(See "Due Dates for Assignments & Exams" in the Syllabus for due dates.)

i L A B O V E R V I E W


In this lab, you will be evaluating the performance of two traffic contracts. In your scenario, you are utilizing a small ATM network. The two contracts are CBR (constant bit rate) and ABR (available bit rate).




Step 1: Web Report (opening existing LAN Model) - Analysis of Simulation


Step 2: Screenshot


Total Points


i L A B S T E P S

STEP 1: Web Reporting (opening existing LAN Model)

For this lab, you will be working with an existing LAN model. First, you will need to download the file from Doc Sharing. Unzip the file on your computer and extract it to a location on your computer. Remember where you extract this file; you will need to unzip the file and then be able to browse to the extracted folder and copy it to the Citrix server.

Next, log in to the citrix lab.

Now, locate the Windows Explorer program you will use to copy the web report you downloaded to the Citrix server.

When receiving the following plug-in prompt, be sure to select "Yes."

You will next need to browse for the location on your computer where you downloaded the web report. The drive that represents your computer should be similar to the C$ designated number 1 in the picture, and the folder you unzipped should be named as demonstrated below. Click on the folder so that it is highlighted as shown.

From the Edit menu, select the copy command (or press Ctrl + C).

Browse for the op_models directory on the F: drive server. The location should be similar to that shown in the picture. Click on op_models so it is selected (highlighted).

From the Edit menu, select paste (or Ctrl + V) to paste the web report to your op_models directory.

Start IT Guru 15 and open the project named your_initials_web_report from your op_net models directory. Below is a screenshot of what the folder structure might look like on Citrix.

Select the project your_initials_web_report.prj and click open.

Next save the project with your initials. Make sure this is in your op_models directory. The folder directory should be as shown below.

You should now have the web report saved in your op_model's directory and be ready to proceed to step 2, the web reporting analysis.

STEP 2: Web Reporting Analysis

The following tutorials will lead you through opening an existing network model (see step 2) and generating a web report that you can use to evaluate two traffic contracts.

Open the IT Guru 15tutorials Expand the tutorials link Expand the basic tutorials link Expand the Web Reporting link. In step 1, you have completed the getting started through step 5, which was to open and save the existing report to your op_models directory. Continue with finishing the rest of the web reporting tutorial (Overview, the rest of Getting Started, Specifying and Generating a Web Report, General Report Format, and Results by Node and Statistic).

STEP 3: Screenshot

After completing the IT Guru 15 Web Reporting tutorial, take a screenshot using Ctrl + prtsc or another screen capture utility. Arrange the screen so that all items can be seen. The screen should contain the following:

Main screen of the web report with the Top Nodes and Links -> By Node being displayed.

Click on image to enlarge.

Screenshot Example

Paste screenshot into a Word document.

Include in the Word document containing your screenshot of the web report your analysis on the two contracts:

What were the results for the FTP? What were the results for Voice? What conclusions might you reach from the web report?

Submit your completed Word document to the weekly iLabDropbox. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these Step-by-Step Instructions or watch this Dropbox Tutorial.

See "Due Dates for Assignments & Exams" in the Syllabus for due date information.

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