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MKT 447 Entire Course

This pack MKT 447 Entire Course includes the following files:

MKT-447 Week 1 DQs.docMKT-447 Week 1 Individual Advertising Past and Present Paper.docMKT-447 Week 2 DQs.docMKT-447 Week 2 Learning Team Advertising Plan and Creative Brief.docMKT-447 Week 3 DQs.docMKT-447 Week 3 Individual Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation Paper.docMKT-447 Week 4 DQs.docMKT-447 Week 4 Learning Team Advertising, Creative, and Media Strategies Paper.docMKT-447 Week 5 Final Exam.pdfMKT-447 Week 5 Individual Future Trends in Advertising Paper.docMKT-447 Week 5 Learning Team Final Advertising Campaign Presentation.pptx
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