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Please update the attached writing assignment according to the information below.

Thank you for sharing a draft of your plans for your campaign for your paper. I have a few overall coaching remarks that might be helpful to all.

The heart of the IMC is the message. Be sure to state the clear, consistent and compelling message that will resonate with your target segment.

Do not make suggestions, but rather state your plans. You are the head of marketing for this campaign so say what you will do, not what your company should do.

Remember that you will be assessed on your ability to apply the concepts, so you must be specific. Say exactly how you will use each of the tools you plan to use.

Do not use external research to talk about the concepts. You are demonstrating what you learned about the marketing concepts from the course content in this class. If you use some other expert, you are taking up valuable space and the information is not likely to be precisely what we are looking for.

Please continue to post draft portions and ask questions about the paper, here. You may continue to send me an answer in e mail for coaching if you are unsure that you are on the right track - just don't wait until the end or we won't have time to work together.

Your tools must have the same message and they must be integrated and not standalone efforts.

Be sure to use the name of your target segment and put it on your cover.

Be sure to announce your big idea even if you did so in your last paper with a product change.

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