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Mod 2 DQ 1 and Mod 2 DQ2

Module 2 DQ 1    due7-12-2017

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Max Points: 6.0

Describe the primary focus of the 4 major components of Chapter 2 (Background to the Problem, Theoretical Foundation, Review of the Literature Topics, and Summary) based on the criteria listed for each section. Identify how each of these sections helps to define your research.

Module 2 DQ 2    due 7-15-2017

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Max Points: 6.0

After reviewing Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 in the Dissertation Proposal Template, explain how you will use information from sections in Chapter 2 (Background to the Problem, Theoretical Foundations, and topics in the Review of the Literature) to develop a first draft of Chapter 3 including the Problem Statement, Research Questions, Research Design, Data Collection sources, and Data Analysis. How will you self-score each section using the criteria to help improve the quality of your work and speed up the process of writing your proposal?

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