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Modern Computer Architecture - Memory and I/O Systems

Technical report about 1,500+ words with illustrative diagram

Explain the concept of DMA module that permits the data transfer to and from peripheral devices more efficiently and with increased throughput. study DMA controller and interface it with ARM processor in order to evaluate the performance parameters of the system by running a data intensive test program. This will be a hardware based project with title, “Develop a mini project to implement direct memory access controller and interface it with ARM processor”. 

Build the project in two phases. 

  • In phase 1, work on DMA controller using open source Platform Creator from Coware or similar to draw a system level diagram. 
  • In phase 2 of the project, develop a program using ARM Core software.  need interface device to interface different modules with existing system. Finally, will be evaluating the performance gain of DMA module using data intensive test program.
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