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The final project for this course is the creation of a Modern Art Exhibition. Based on the knowledge obtained in this course and previous course work, please design a fictional museum exhibition that, in your opinion (and based on readings, assignments, discussion, and other course activities), best exemplifies what is distinctly “Modern” about Modern art.

PLESE REFER TO THE FOLLOWING:  Industrial Revolution, Cubism, The ABC's of DADA, Surrealism,  Ashcan School Of Art, and Pop Art. 

You are required to select at least five works of art/objects for this project, which may be gleaned from lecture notes, museum websites, readings, or your course textbook, among other sources. You may select any painting, sculpture, building, or graphic/decorative object that you wish so long as it falls within the scope of the course (mid-19th century through the present). Please also be sure to include an image of each selection along with your finished project. After making your choices, provide a detailed and thoughtful rationale for each selection in the form of a few short paragraphs. The best answers will consider issues related to style, form, subject, context, symbolism, medium/material, and reception, as well as include personal insight and opinion.

Don't be afraid to really capitalize on the creative component of your project. You should blend your own opinion and hard evidence (in support of these opinions) on the topic of "modernity." (This is where the mix of personal insight and scholarship comes in.) Above all else, though, have fun—be thorough and be critical, but don't make this project out to be more difficult than it really is.

Projects are to be cast in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (7-10 SLIDES)

 All text should be double-spaced, using twelve point font and one-inch margins. Citations, if applicable, should be constructed according to the conventions of the MLA style. 

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