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Most people find it challenging to answer the question, 'Tell me about yourself?'.To a certain degree, writing a personal statement is like narrating the story of your lifein a fascinating and succinc

Most people find it challenging to answer the question, 'Tell me about yourself?'.To a certain degree, writing a personal statement is like narrating the story of your lifein a fascinating and succinct way. Students often struggle with completing this tasksuccessfully because of its ‘open-ended' nature. As a result, they end up including details that were not supposed to be featured in their personal statements.

Nevertheless, you need to write an exceptional personal statement as part of a college application. You may be questioning your abilities to write a perfect personal statement and get accepted. Consider asking for help from expert writers to increase your chances of submitting a successful application. It is easy and convenient to get your personal statement written for you. All you have to do is find someone with experience and pay a small fee to have them swiftly complete your college assignment for you. Remember, the last thing you'd want is to submit a poorly written personal statement.

Your Entire Life's History

A personal statement details your ambitions, skills, and achievements in relation to the course. It is inappropriate to start narrating your entire life's history, starting with your childhood. Admission interviewers are less likely to be moved by your aspirations as a 5-year-old.

Instead, take this opportunity to express your accomplishments in relation to the course you are applying for. Additionally, narrate the skills that you have picked up along your journey if you deem them important to the course in question. Admission interviewers are not interested in your family history. Instead, they will be concerned with the time that you have invested in the course you have applied for.

It is challenging to do so. It would help if you took the time to practice to ensure the final draft is near perfection. Take time to learn how to package your skills and achievements in a paper without boasting or downplaying them.

Typos, Spelling, and Grammar Mistakes

This is a very common error in personal statements. Students tend to rush the process to beat the deadline and end up submitting a paper full of grammatical errors and typos. In such situations, the right thing to do would be to seek help to write personal statements. Consider seeking the services of an expert to write this essay for you, especially if the deadline is near and your college assignments have piled up.

For instance, applying for a course in social science or humanities, you must be extra meticulous when it comes to grammar and spelling errors. It would be best if you did not rush it. Take time to go through your paper while ensuring it does not have any typos spelling and grammar errors.

Overusing "passion"

Passion is a very common word in personal statements. Try to avoid using it every time you are expressing interest. Always go for terms that are not cliché or generic.


Blowing your own trumpet will not help your chances at all. Try selling yourself without coming off arrogant. You can always seek a friend's honest view of the essay.

Most students opt to click on "write my personal statement for me," as they get overwhelmed with multiple college assignments. They prefer to pay to write a personal statement and ease their college life.

Surpassing Character Limit

You must outline the structure of the personal statementbefore starting to write. This will help in dictating the number of words you write. Always adhere to the word count instructed.

Overusing Quotes

Quotes, if used appropriately, can be quite motivational. However, most students do not know when to stop. It would be best if you remember that students from across the world are probably using the same quotes. This can be very redundant for reviewers.

Always keep in mind to speak about yourself and not your idol. Use your thoughts to communicate ideas and moments of epiphany.


Writing a personal statement can be a challenging exercise for any student. This is why most of our requests are "write my personal statement for college." Our services are delivered by professional writers who specialize in different disciplines. Writing a personal statement with the above key points should not be a difficult task. However, if you do not have enough time, it is prudent to seek help from professional writers.

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