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MS Access assignment PAPER

Create a simple excel spreadsheet with data to update the database.

1. Create a form (frmUpdateMediaLink) to link the spreadsheet to a table in the database (you can link the spreadsheet manually using the wizard but you will lose 4 points)

2. Create a form (frmUpdateMedia), write a VBA code to extract the data and display it in a listbox, dropdownbox or any from of grid

3. Integrate the spreadsheet data into the application.

Write a code to update (your inventory table, can be CD list or DVD list) from the list.

- delete the current records then insert the records from the spread sheet extra credit (advanced way).

- compare each record if it is new add it to the table, if it exists update the info from the spread sheet. If you are going to do this option please indicate in the student comments so I can look for it, make sure you upload the spread sheet with the database.

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****** * ****** ***** spreadsheet **** **** ** ****** the ********* ****** a **** ******************** ** **** the spreadsheet ** * ***** ** *** ******** **** *** **** the *********** ******** using *** wizard *** *** **** lose * ******** ****** a form (frmUpdateMedia) write a VBA **** ** ******* *** data *** display ** ** * ******* dropdownbox ** *** from ********

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