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MSN degree, APA format 1 page 3 references 1 from walden university library,Due 3/2/2019 at 7pm ESTWars and NightingaleNew Fields and TechnologyResearch and RespectPast     Earliest nurses were of

MSN degree, APA format 1 page 3 references 1 from walden university library,

Due 3/2/2019 at 7pm EST

Wars and Nightingale

New Fields and Technology

Research and Respect


     Earliest nurses were often a response to wars and the need for medical care for injured soldiers.  These women were patriotic but not truly educated as nurses and often caused more damage than good related to their lack of basic healthcare knowledge (Keating & DeBoor, 2018).  Florence Nightingale was a proponent of nursing education from her own experiences during the Crimean War (Davida, 2012).  She influenced some of the first nursing schools with her idea that the education should stand alone and not be associated with an apprenticeship with the teaching hospital (Keating & DeBoor, 2018).


     Nurses of today specialize in all sorts of fields from the operating room to pediatrics to hospice to just name a few.  This specialization has made the nurse workforce incredibly diverse and nursing educators and programs have had to respond accordingly.  Economically, nursing schools have become expensive programs and often difficult to staff as experienced nurse educators retire (Keating & DeBoor, 2018).  Immense changes in technology from how a nurse charts to how IVFs are given have dramatically changed how nurses do their work and how they are educated.


     Higher education for nurses will continue to evolve with an emphasis on nursing research as well as life-long learning (Laureate, 2012c).  The need for evidence-based nursing research will influence healthcare to the extent that the solutions garnered from nursing investigation will be on the same par as medical studies done by providers.  This increased respect for nursing could lead to increased interest in nursing as a career and in nursing education overall.


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