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MTH 157 Final Exam

This pack of MTH 157 Final Exam includes answers to the next questions:

1. Write a short paragraph describing what is illustrated by the given display.2. Identify the misuse or misrepresentation of statistics.3. Kevin asked some of his friends how many hours they had worked during the previous week at their after-school jobs. The results are shown below.4. Explain why having a strong linear correlation does not imply causality. Give an example to support your answer.5. What is the expected height range for a 2-year old child?6. Over the past two weeks, Jane earned $292 and $193 respectively, at her part time job. What must she earn in thethird week to bring her three-week average earnings to $200 per week?7. If the 26 is replaced with 39, how will this affect the range? How will this affect the standard deviation? How does this illustrate one advantage of the standard deviation over the range as a measure of spread?8. Suppose that you want to select the game giving the highest average output over a long period of time. Which machine would you select? Why?9. Consider a bowl containing 36 different slips of paper. Ten of the slips of paper each contain one of the digits from the set 0 through 9 and 26 slips each contain one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. If one slip is drawn at random, what is P(slip contains a letter formed from straight-line segments only)?10. How many different sequences of 4 digits are possible if the first digit must be 3, 4, or 5 and if the sequence may not end in 000?11. Applicants for a job first submit a written application. Based on the written applications, 36% of the applicants are invited for a first interview. Of those that have a first interview, 58% are rejected after the interview. What is the probability that a randomly selected applicant receives a first interview and is rejected after the interview?12. If it has been determined that the probability of an earthquake occurring on a certain day in a certain area is 0.05, what are the odds against an earthquake?13. A race track tote board has the odds for a horse listed as 5 to 3. Tote boards list the odds that a horse will lose the race. If this is the case, what is the probability of the horse winning the race?14. Find the z-score for the given raw score, mean, and standard deviation. Assume a normal probability distribution.15. In a certain town, 20% of adults have a college degree. The accompanying table describes the probability distribution for the number of adults (among 4 randomly selected adults) who have a college degree. Find the expected number having a college degree among 4 randomly selected adults.16. In how many different ways can 4 individuals be seated around a circular table with 4 chairs?17. 14 people arrive at a meeting. If each person shakes hands with each other person, how many handshakes are there?18. Find the area of the specified figure.19. Find a traversable path that begins at vertex B.20. What is the name for the point where the three altitudes of a triangle are concurrent?21. If m n and m 6 = 117

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