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Musical research

Research: (330-350 words)

Conduct research on one aspect of the musical culture featured at your event as it relates to another topic, preferably your major field of study, if possible. The narrower, the better. For example, if you went to an Indian music concert, a poor research topic would be “Indian music” because that is much too broad. A good research topic could be the history of women in Indian classical music performance. Another good research topic could be the spread of Indian music in western culture.

Use a minimum of four sources. At least two must be scholarly sources. Scholarly sources are dictionaries and encyclopedias, articles found on JSTOR, a textbook. You can use this research guide to get started. I recommend using the Oxford Music Online database and the Garland Encyclopedia of World Music to start. Additional sources may be of your own choosing and might include the program you were given at the concert, newspaper articles, concert reviews, reputable websites, or Wikipedia.

No direct quotations should be used. Please summarize or paraphrase all information, do not copy/paste anything or your work will not be accepted for credit. Cite all sources using in-text citations. Include a works cited list in MLA or APA format.

The concert I went is called “Alash Tuvan Ensemble”, they are masters of traditional Tuvan instruments as well as the ancient art of throat singing. This link below is basically what the concert looks like. And, I majoring Marketing, (if you can relates to this topic, like the instruction said. or you can come up with other related topic...)


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