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My Family, Mi familia, video assignment help

watch the movie then answer the questions 

the movie you can watch it is for free just follow this link


the questions are

My Family/Mi familia  Pleaseanswer four (4) of the questions.  All studentsmust answer questions 5 and 6;  e.g.questions 5 and 6 and  and two others.

1.  In what way doesthe film represent and empower the non-lettered citizen?

2.  By portrayingMexican-Americans as the new American family, how does Mi familia at once challenge and accept traditional notions ofso-called American values?

3. Some immigrant groups have also equated education with“leaving the family behind, being ashamed of the family,” etc.  How does this view affect the attainment ofthe American Dream.

4. What aresome examples of institutional racism in this movie? What are some examples ofcultural racism in this movie? How do these examples impact the Sanchez family?

5.  Compare and contrast the sense of “community”that Mario Suárez presents in his short story “El Hoyo” withthat of Mi familia.

6.  What do you think are the definingcharacteristics of Anglo American culture? What part of the Sanchez’s family’sculture does not fit with American Anglo culture?

7.  What makes it difficult for the Sanchezfamily to assimilate into American Anglo culture? Why do some of the childrenresist assimilating? What is the experience like for those who do assimilate?

8.  What is your cultural heritage? What doesthat mean to you? Have you, or any of your family members, faced institutionaloppression to your culture here in the United States? How did your family dealwith that oppression? What was their means of survival? What did you gain andwhat did you lose through that means of survival? 

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