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Native americans should not receive reparations

two pages in length and typed (Times New Roman, 12 pt, double-spaced), An essay paper is an argument with the same structure as a debate. 

  • Thesis statement introduction paragraph. Introduce your topic that defends your pro or con position concerning reparations for Native Americans.
  • Three paragraphs. Each paragraph states a well-develop supporting point. (Reference the supporting points that were found in your scholarly articles).
  • Final paragraph that summarizes and makes concluding remarks.
  • Make sure you have a work-cited page ( scholarly article)

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    my main points :

    1- When Britain empire colonized native American land back in the 1607 , they asked for a prove for their land, and they didn't have nothing. by law, native american dont deserve anything because the did not have any proof for their land. 

    2- who is going to pay ? Is it the current government, and where is the prove that the government is responsible for what happened long time ago by the ancestors. or the citizens? think about it, no one today is responsible for what happened to them, thus who is going to pay? 

    3- it's a contradicted solution. Because if you are going to give Native American a land, you are going to steal it from the people who currently live in that land. So if you are talking about ethics and morality, why is it fine to take a land from people, who actually have a valid proof for their land, and give it to people who actually don't have any prove, and who are a small minority that actually live in luxury. As a result of this, discrimination, and segregation will grow 

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