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Need a full 8 page paper, outline, and a power point presentation:

Analysis Paper II

The Media Construction of Gender:

·      Watch the movie “Boys Don’t Cry” that deals with questions of gender.

Link to movie: https://gomovies.to/film/boys-dont-cry-9894/watching.html

Alternative Link: http://sockshare.net/watch/EdB2Q7dj-boys-don-t-cry.html

Alternative Link 2: https://solarmoviez.to/movie/boys-dont-cry-9894/143192-8/watching.html

·      This 8-page paper needs to briefly describe the movies story and provides an analysis of the gender dimension and the difference in gender.

·      Must be include in the paper, answers to the questions listed below:

a)   How is this film gendered? Describe and analyze the media text. Consider the language, conversation, and nonverbal messages present.

b)    How do you feel gender (and perhaps race, social class, heterosexism, etc.) is being socially constructed, maintained, and/or changed through this text?

c)   How might you see the text differently because you are using a gendered lens

      for your analysis? 

d)   Do these images matter, and if so, what change do you recommend? You

      must apply the 5 relevant communication theories to defend

      your interpretations. 

·      The 5 gender communication theories listed below must be included in the paper:

1.)   Psychodynamic Theory:

A view of personality in terms of conscious and unconscious forces.

2.)   Psychological Theory:

Emotional and behavioral characteristics of an individual, group, or activity.

3.)   Cognitive Development Theory:

The nature and development of human intelligence.

4.)   Standpoint Theory:

Analyzing intersubjective discussions.

5.)   Anthropological Theory:

Study of people.

·      Show how the theories can be applied to communication practices encountered and the media’s role in framing our perception of gender.

·      No Outside Sources Allowed Please and Thank You.

Media Analysis Presentation

Based on Analysis Paper II

·      Create a Microsoft Power Point formal oral presentation.

·      Create a formal outline based on the Power Point presentation.

·      Make sure the power point comes out to an eight-minute presentation that summarizes the text from the Analysis Paper II Paper.

·      Choose the most important aspects from the Analysis Paper II, to the extent to which they adhere to the principles of effective oral communication.

·      Must include speaker notes in the Power Point Presentation so I can present the slides with.

·      No Outside Sources Allowed Please and Thank You.

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