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Need an argumentative essay on A Critical Reflection of Forensic Practice Placement. Needs to be 20 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages... I must also say that this patient

Need an argumentative essay on A Critical Reflection of Forensic Practice Placement. Needs to be 20 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages...

I must also say that this patient, 'Josh' has needed a strong humanitarian essence in his treatment regimen but this pretty much goes along with a psychiatrists or psychologists personality when working professionally with others anyway. The psychological treatment and socio-cultural orientation of the client and the environment have also had a strong bearing on this particular case and have widened my own scope of knowledge to the individualism that clients can hold regardless of whether or not the cases are similar.

Reflective Clinical Experience, Delivery of Care, Care Management Effectiveness

According to the views of the British Medical Association, respect for authority is commiserative with the ability of an individual to decide. However, quite naturally it is more often assumed that treatment is proposed because it will bring benefit to the patient. Within forensic mental health care there exists a precarious edge that medical professionals have to follow in order to stay within the legal framework during the establishment of a treatment regimen for a client. Legally and ethically, to give consent for a therapeutic procedure, the patient need only understand in broad terms what is involved according to the case of Chatterton v Gerson from 1981 (Houlihan 2005). Therefore it could be said that competence judgments serve as a gate keeping role in health care, by distinguishing individuals whose decisions should be solicited or accepted from individuals whose decision need not or should not be solicited or accepted. In addition to this, professional judgment of competence helps in establishing if a guardian is necessary to attend an individual's interest. Abboud (2004) states that often...

Within the framework of forensic psychology, this can often time be more difficult to establish because some clients might be delusional at times but at others totally coherent and comprehensible to what is taking place around them. So, although they might appear to be autonomous it does not necessarily mean that they are wholly competent. In caring for ‘Josh’ it came to my attention that he was a threat to himself and so he was placed on a medical suicide watch against his own free-will. This was felt necessary because obviously, he was unable to make a competent judgment to safeguard his own well-being so it was believed crucial that the medical team does that for him. This interaction goes well with what was previously explained with regard to autonomy and competence as although Josh appeared fully competent he was precariously close to taking his own life without his conscious even realizing it so he was a danger to himself and possibly anyone who attempted to intervene at the time of his initial admittance to the mental health care ward. Although there was already an awareness by the staff that ‘Josh’ was at risk of injury to himself or possibly to others there was still a need to carry out the appropriate risk assessment on him just as would be done on any patient brought into the ward. During the assessment of ‘Josh’, a great deal of knowledge was acquired by me with regard to the appropriate ways in which a mental health care patient must be treated and supervised.

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