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Need an argumentative essay on A rhetorical analysis of an argumentative article of your choosing. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.The article on gun laws was viewed almost by everyone in th

Need an argumentative essay on A rhetorical analysis of an argumentative article of your choosing. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The article on gun laws was viewed almost by everyone in the world and especially the United States citizens. This was as a result of the Colorado cinema shooting fiasco. The authors’ argument is generally based on the perfect implementation of gun laws in the United States and the rest of the word. This finally will enhance the respect of the sanctity of human life. This paper tries to bring out an argumentative nature of the gun law article. This was because of various opinions from different individuals after the Colorado cinema shooting. According to these composed writers, in 2007, a total number of twelve thousand six hundred and thirty two people in the United States succumbed to firearms related injuries. Another 48676 were admitted to hospitals for gunshot wounds (Bellesiles 28). These two writers are of the opinion that. the restriction gun laws or even relaxing them will reduce the death toll thru shooting which has been a contentious issue in America. These intellects on law furthermore argue that proponents of tighter gun laws will definitely do away with these vital and risky weapons falling on wrong hands. These wrong hands in their argumentative article may include criminals, addicted drug users or even the mentally ill individuals (Carter 180). The two with no doubt believe that drug users are majorly the result of the senseless shooting in the public social settings. The gun laws article also criticises the age individuals should be allowed to acquire guns. In the United States, the bare minimum age to hold a gun legally is eighteen years old. This to some extent is not appropriate for these young individuals are not mature for an efficient and effective decision-making (Ramage 98). This according to these two researchers cum writers, in most cases, has also resulted into premature exchange of words and shooting senselessly by the young individuals in the United States. These two writers also believe it is not only in the United States where gun laws are very weak, but this extends to several parts of the world. In a country like South Korea, these prolific writers believe and thus argue that homicide cases related to guns are far less compared to the United States due to strict gun laws which they as well understand is the father of democracy. These examples of fundamentally different states in thefield of gun laws prove that restricting gun laws will actually benefit the populace. These writers, on the other hand, argue that restricting gun laws is more beneficial. Through the restriction of gun laws, the articles firmly believe and argues that day-to-day senseless shooting is curbed totally. Private gun dealers who sell guns ignore critical regulation to those who purchase the guns hence about 85percent of all guns used in crimes unrecovered by law enforcers are linked to them. All these private party sales allow almost everybody to put a stockpile of weapons (Spitzer 238). This as well greatly undermines the government efforts to control the illegal firearms in the country. A private party gun sale is completely unwarranted. This makes the private party gun sales comparable to over the counter purchase of home effects. There are those who argue and believe that relaxing gun laws would create a safer state. Gun advocates and gun manufacturers strongly argue that more guns equals’ tighter security as every gun holder can act as a police. An example is where a criminal or terrorist who pulls out an assault automatic rifle to start

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