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Need an argumentative essay on Applying theory to the News. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.On the other hand, intellectual heritage involved development of the social control theories as mo

Need an argumentative essay on Applying theory to the News. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

On the other hand, intellectual heritage involved development of the social control theories as modern versions of the strain theories (Carol). The social theory became popular in mid 1970s due to three major trends in criminology. Firstly, the reaction to conflict and labeling, as well as the return to examination of human behavior prompted some criminologists develop little interests to ‘new criminology’. Secondly, advanced in criminology studies enhanced more pragmatism and orientation of criminology. The theory enhances determination of new research techniques. Surveys for juveniles and their unbecoming behavior enhanced a new paradigm for criminology. For instances, in the article by Chris Tongneri, most of the such behaviors have been embraced by the society and considered as virtue. While the adults, media people and other prominent persons in the society cried of the rottenness of the young people, the youths enjoyed every bit of the criminal behavior done (Chris). They perpetuated this by circulating embarrassing pictures in social media. Therefore, social control theories allow criminologists an opportunity to solve using the new methodologies. Theoretically, social control theories relate social factors with the restraint on harmful actions. According to Durkheim (1895), society possesses certain deviance and deviants in normal phenomenon, and every society possesses certain form of crime. Therefore, crime in the society must serve a certain function. Deviance helps in maintain the social order due to the vagueness of social boundaries defining the approved and disapproved acts. Such boundaries specify the degree of approval for different acts that range from legal sanction to mild displeasure and imprisonment. For instance, according to containment theory, delinquency entails both inner and outer interplays. The theory explains both deviance and conformity that encompasses various middle age behaviors. Outer containment entails the social environment like school and family. This plays a major role in influencing the values and norms that determine the belongingness and opportunity for acceptance. On the other hand, the inner containment encompasses the self concept formed in people when young. Such a concept results in both good or bad self image, and acts as a buffer to the outside influences (Chris). According to the theory, there are certain inducements to commit delinquent acts based on the inner strength and outer containment. An individual possessing good self concept withstands external social controls and resists committing delinquent crimes. In ‘standing by when horror happens’ article by Erin Anderson, the two young football players rape a drunken girl without her consent. According to the article, the video indicated that other partying teens enjoyed watching the naked girl. No, any teenager turned up to prevent the rape from happening. According to the law, failure to report such an incident results in crime. However, morality plays a major role in such a situation. Rather than assisting the girl, bystander effect came into play due to diffusion of responsibility and pluralistic ignorance (Erin). According to Hirshi (1969), behavior reflected the different degrees of morality. He believed that the power of internalized norms, desire for approval and conscience enhance the development of conventional behavior. He

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