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Need an argumentative essay on AUSTRALIAN STUDIES. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages... Latham's Australian Immigration Policy and Horne's The Lucky Country

Need an argumentative essay on AUSTRALIAN STUDIES. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages...

Latham's Australian Immigration Policy and Horne's The Lucky Country are examples of primary documents that may be used for this objective. This paper summarizes each document first, then tackles them both in an integrated section, and finally makes a conclusion.

In this document, J.G. Latham was reacting to a pamphlet entitled "Control or Color Bar" said to be published by the Immigration Reform Group of the University of Melbourne. The pamphlet criticizes the Australian Immigration Policy and Latham was concerned for fear that Australia's' reputation might be harmed and its relations with other countries prejudiced.

The proposal of the pamphlet was that Australia initiate offer to non-European countries for agreements admitting people from these countries into Australia as permanent residents Latham, however, is of the view that there is common sense in controlling immigration to one's country, which does not necessarily foster racial hatred.

First off, Latham said, criticism should be based on accurate statements and proper understanding of the policy. In the Australian Immigration Policy, he says, color is not a criterion as it does not count whiteness as racial superiority. True, he said, there are differences in Oriental civilizations and European civilizations as to color, race, language, tradition, history, and loyalties including in social and political outlook and organization, in religion, in manner of living, and standards of living - but color and race are not tests of character and quality.

So, to the proposal of the pamphlet that Australia be opened to immigrants as permanent residents, Latham said -

If the Australian government went out of its way even to discuss with all of them how many of their people they would like Australia to take as settlers annually, the government would, it would be suggested, simply be asking for trouble. The Government might even discover that millions of people in Africa believe strenuously in a "Black Africa." Would the government undertake a campaign to get them to change their minds

The point of Latham is that the pamphlet thinks Australia's immigration policy absolutely excludes Asians and suggests that there should instead be control of immigration. The pamphlet also thinks Australian Immigration Policy is only after filtering colors without wise control. Explaining his side, Latham says -

"A man can have friends without inviting them all to his house. If a person

says that he has a right to be invited - or at least to complain because he has not been invited, - there will not be a good prospect for friendship. If a person goes so far as to say that he has a right to come into the house (of a friend or anyone), whether has been invited or not - and to stay - then friendship will be impossible.

Concluding with emphasis that the Australian Immigration Policy is not based on color prejudice or racial superiority, Latham says Australia had in the past been admitting merchants, tourists and students which many know nothing of, beginning with the critics.

Horne, Donald.1968 (1964). The First Suburban Nation. The Lucky Country: Australia in The Sixties, Ringwood: Penguin, pp28-31, 97-100

Horne's piece is about the real Australia that lacks a serious writer to write about it.

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