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Need an argumentative essay on FCB Australia Agency. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages... at run through a haze of corporate and organizational assumptions

Need an argumentative essay on FCB Australia Agency. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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at run through a haze of corporate and organizational assumptions and goals have been invariably influenced by the relative importance of dynamic event-oriented outcomes including those related to the benchmarking organizational efforts ( .

1.1. Organizational Structure of Draft FCB

The organizational structure of Draft FCB Australia is said to be unique in that it's probably the only organization with a unified agency structure thus delivering its communications services through-the-lines capabilities to a diverse and complex group of clientele. The operational structure in regional agencies like that of Australia and New Zealand is democratically structured with a country head or director in charge. The company's optimal operational structure with the Integration Committee of 35 individuals is headed by a president and a world chief creative officer. Three major tiers can be identified in its managerial and operational hierarchy. The first tier at the top is occupied by the President, the Chief Executive Officer and the Global Chief Creative Officer. Immediately under the above triumvirate comes the layer of Integration Committee Members who assume both executive powers and accountability to the top management (Briggs &amp. Stuart, 2006). Each Committee member is responsible for the design, planning and implementation of the company's integration policy in a few assigned countries. The third tier is occupied by those senior managers whose responsibilities include the planning and execution of strategy.

Thus many responsibilities for day-to-day operational management of Draft FCB Australian Agency are assumed by this Integration Committee. Despite the fact that country operations are carried out on an individual unit...

FCB Australia Agency

Draft way back in 1978 was engaged in direct marketing as an agency and was then known as Kobs &amp. Brady. In the year 1986 it was sold to Ted Bates Worldwide and Howard Draft who was an accounts executive in the company then was passed along to the new management. In 1988 Draft became its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Chairman. As a result the Agency was named Kobs &amp. Draft. Again in 1995 the ownership of the Agency was reverted to Draft and was called Draft Direct Worldwide. In 1996, the Interpublic Group of Companies acquired Draft Direct Worldwide. With the merger of the two companies in 2006, Draft FCB became the biggest advertising agency in Chicago.

As at present the Agency in Chicago has approximately 11,000 employees and the world-wide offices including the Draft FCB Australia are headed by Howard Draft, as the Executive Chairman, Laurence Boschetto, as the CEO and president, Jonathan Harries, as the Vice Chairman and Global Chief Creative Officer and Neil Miller, CFO. Draft FCB Australia Agency has acquired a unique distinction of being one of the leading advert agencies in the whole country. This unique positron is attributed to its remarkable accounts growth with best of clients.

Draft FCB Australia has been successfully orienting itself to meeting not only the challenges posed by its competitors, both small and big, but also been able to achieve an ever expanding growth trajectory in keeping with its global strategy of being creating value through-the-line.

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