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Need an argumentative essay on Prince Among Slaves. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages... He later married an American born enslaved woman whom they had nine

Need an argumentative essay on Prince Among Slaves. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages...

He later married an American born enslaved woman whom they had nine children. Abdul Rahman strongly believed in his right for freedom. During his enslavement, Rahman met an Irish ship surgeon whose life had been saved by his father when he was marooned in Africa thus making him the only white man who owed Abdul debt. The Irish’s several attempts to purchase Abdul Rahman’s freedom but the bond of slavery proved strong and Foster refused to sell the man he referred to as Prince. According to “IslamiCity” , after two more decades and 40 years of enslavement, Abdul met a local printer who had a friend in US Embassy in Morocco led to communication between the Moroccan Sultan and president John Quincy that eventually led to his freedom (Web). After the successful appeal by the president to Foster, Rahman was released to go on a condition that he goes to Africa directly without being granted rights of a free man in America. Rahman decided to work hard to get enough money to purchase his family freedom because he did not like the idea of going back to Africa immediately, which he succeeded early with his wife. He got a setback from the higher prices of his children and grandchildren, which proved too high to raise thus prompting him to give lectures and solicit for donations. He then faced President Adams whom he revealed to that he was not a Moroccan and the President refused to pay any money to assist him (“IslamiCity” Web). Nevertheless, sickness and the risk of being returned to Foster drove him to leave without his children in Africa where he further pressed for his children’s freedom but he unfortunately died barely four months after his return. Some of his children were however, purchased ultimately while others remained enslaved and to this date, Abdul Rahman legacy is alive amongst his descendants. Prince Among Slaves is a coherent story that fits together well and pays attention to the notions such as dates and the reality of enslavement which boosts the viewer’s confidence that it is true. Information received from the documentary is a true story that is received from a reliable source and the on our account there is a strong belief to believe that the account is very true. The period of enslavement actually took place in the 1770s and prince Rahman was captured as the history tells it. Professor Terry Alford found the document from Henry Clay’s that documented the life of Abdul Rahman that prompted him to write a full account of the Prince. Main character is Abdul Rahman who is an African prince that remained enslaved in America for 40 years before he regained his freedom and return to Africa. He falls from a life of power and privileges into enslavement in a foreign land where he endures unimaginable indignities but marries an enslaved woman and has children. It is interesting when he regains freedom after his royal status recognized in the very land he was enslaved. He manages to rescue his wife and some of his children after making several attempts of buying freedom. Rahman is represented as a man who lived in extraordinary times but did extraordinary things such as purchasing his freedom and other aspects that interweave the theme of bondage and deliverance.

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