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Need an argumentative essay on Social-Cognitive Theory and a Meaningful Moment. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages... It is proposed that we may come to know

Need an argumentative essay on Social-Cognitive Theory and a Meaningful Moment. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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It is proposed that we may come to know human behavior through the examination of all relationships that are involved in the three-way model. There are several constructs that contribute to the theoretical foundation of SCT (Glanz, Rimer, &amp. Lewis, 2002). Observational learning is the ability to learn by watching another person or a representation of another person, and it is assumed as a fundamental principle of behavior acquisition in the operation of the SCT model. Additionally, the theory assumes that people must have an understanding of a behavior before they can perform it. This concept is referred to as behavioral capability. It is also implied that human agency is an effective force in this representation of learning and behavior (Bandura, 2001), and that the model is not intended to be interpreted as behavioral determinism. These conceptions are integral to the flux of reciprocal determinism in the SCT model. Three types of variables are included in SCT. Behavior is often the construct of interest, but it holds no more importance than any other component in the model. Environmental variables include sociocultural, physical, and other outside influencers. The interpretation of one’s situation is a result of the relationship between environmental factors and cognition, which is a personal characteristic. ...

Meaningful Defining Moment SCT can be used in the examination of many concepts. We will employ the model in the examination of a meaningful defining moment from my personal experiences. The moment I have chosen is the first time I finished writing a story. I was sixteen at the time, and I had not had any interest in creative or any type of writing until I had started this story. The tale was not long, nor was it particularly good, but the fact that I had completed something so foreign to my experiences was a defining moment in my personal development. Examination of the Moment The experience of a defining moment can be dissected and examined through the use of SCT. Behaviors, environmental factors, and personal characteristics interact in two-party relationships and contribute in large to the experience and impact of a meaningful defining moment in life. The behavior in this case is the completion of writing a story. Considering the relationship between writing the story and personal characteristics, it can be said that I felt an increased sense of pride and ability as a result of completing the study. If I remember correctly, I had very little motivation to achieve, or to pursue hobbies or crafts prior to this experience. A heightened belief in my own capabilities, also known as self-efficacy, resulted in the continuation of my venture into writing. Here we can see one example of the direct, reciprocal nature of the relationship between behavior and personal characteristics. Behavior also interacts directly and circularly with environmental factors. Writing the story led to a change in my social networks and physical environment, as I began to interact more frequently with other writers in their preferred locations.

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