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Need an argumentative essay on The Case of Nutritional Foods. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages... In every business venture, there are business ethics, whi

Need an argumentative essay on The Case of Nutritional Foods. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages...

In every business venture, there are business ethics, which are adhered to so as to ensure smooth running of activities. Business ethics mainly involves. avoiding breaking the criminal law in ones work related activity, avoiding actions that are bad for the company Ethical business practices normally include assuring that the highest legal and moral standard is observed in the relationship with customers in ones business community. The context and circumstances for decision making in business ethics is referred to as ethical system. image and avoiding actions that may result to civil law suits against the company. It is crucial for all businesses to take business ethics as a morality rather than a general obligation, and introduce it as an external factor from both the law and profit motive. Ethical system is significant in business decision making (Tatnall, 2011). For instance, in the case of nutritional food by Kirk Hanson, the CEO Fred James has a lot of decision making to do hence an appropriate ethical actions should be taken. As the first warning is issued, the CEO should start planning responds to reports from health departments. It is important that the CEO carefully looks into the matter of a possible link between food poisoning and an unpasteurized product of the company. Since the company success had led to its rapid growth and construction of new processing facilities the reports could cause so much of damage. However, the CEO should be calm and try retracing the root cause of the problem. This should give him a clear picture of where the problem is that is if it will be traced to their products. Generally, this involves looking for possible evidence for the situation if any. Here, natural law as an ethical system should be used. Natural law ethics belief, the laws governing moral behavior must be universal just as physical laws are universal. Moreover, this is to say just as in other circumstances, evidence has to be found before any accusation is made. Hence, situation should not worry him so much if there is no actual evidence of the poisoning from his products. Further, as the concerns deepen and more reports coming in, James should be quick to make a decision. The company’s position is at stake as new reports confirm the worst outcome. However, no matter how many reports are released the best ethical system to use will be natural law. This is where evidence has to be found for any further direct accusation to the company. It will be in the best interest of the company for James to wait for batch number identification from his managers since. no accusation can be made without evidence that connects the food poisoning to the company’s product. As more reports came in the CEO Fred James has no choice but to make crucial decisions. Although the batch numbers are not found, there is a confirmation of a link between the food poisoning and nutritional food products. hence he should act as soon as possible. At this point, it is crucial for James to take an action that pleases a large number of customers that have been affected the longest. This is a utilitarian ethical system which is very effective as it focuses on giving the affected customers the best possible amount of pleasure. Consequently, this ethical system will keep the customers feeling valued and well taken care off. Utilitarianism works well by ensuring business continues with minimal disruption and favors cost benefit analysis. Utilitarianism is advantageous as it provides a method of recognizing issues that must be considered when making ethical decisions and conflicts resolved. Other than identifying issues it also allows a process of decision making. In the final stage which is the crisis stage, the situation has worsened as news spread fast. The company is already asking retailers and customers to return the unused products. James and the committee should be keen to ensure that.

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