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Need an argumentative essay on Understanding Students with Hearing Loss. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages... This paper deals with the said issue, teaching

Need an argumentative essay on Understanding Students with Hearing Loss. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages...

This paper deals with the said issue, teaching and learning relationship when the student has the problem of hearing. Understanding Hearing Loss Before hearing loss is explained, a brief introduction to the process of hearing is very important in the context of this research. The listening of a sound can be described in two basic notations, one being audition on the other being vibration. Audition is the hearing process. whereas. vibration is the interpretation of pattern, of air molecules on the ear drum. Sound itself can be divided into two parts. The first one is the frequency on the sound and the second one is its loudness. Being deaf means unable to hear any kind of a sound but this is not the only form of hearing disability. Hearing disability can be broker down into two main parts. One is deaf, which means that the person has a hearing loss of 70-90 dB and cannot hear with any kind of amplification. The second part is the person who has loss of hearing in the range of 20-70 dB but can hear with use of amplification devices. Both there forms of hearing disability can cause great stress in every-day life of a human as well as being the sole reason for slow learning of this person. The report looks into the methods of overcoming this disability and making these students in a classroom attain good grades and live a normal life (Ann, 1995).

Communication between teachers and students on the same frequency is the only secret for the success of the teacher-student relationship, be it a normal one or one in which the student has some physical disability. There are many ways a teacher can communicate or transfer knowledge into the minds of a person who has a hearing disability. The first and foremost method is oral communication by enhancing or amplifying sound to develop language skills as well as understanding skills. After oral, the most used method is applied which is manual communication. In manual communication sign language or finger spelling is used. A universal sign language has been developed for the help of teachers and students alike. Finally the simultaneous method in which both amplification is sign language by the teacher to explain the phenomenon of science, math , literature or any other subject under light. Challenges Faced There are numerous issues faced by both teacher and the student alike, student more that the teachers though. The first basic and foremost challenge is one, especially to students in primary classes, is of reading and writing. As the process of learning to read is dependant on hearing and the one of writing is dependant on reading. Therefore it is the first challenge that comes across a hearing impaired child. The second problem is not directly related to the class environment but directly affects the emotional behavior of a student in class. This problem is due to a various number of interactions a hearing impaired child faces in his everyday life. His interactions with the parents, friends and the sense of social isolation all play a vital role. Teacher in these scenarios can play a vital role and sail the child from the storms of social disparities against such students (Elizibeth, 2010). Teaching Strategies Various steps can be taken by the teacher in a class for the teacher to enhance the learning abilities of a hearing impaired student and in turn have a better understanding of the student.

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