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Need an research paper on analyze lesson plan for bankers. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on analyze lesson plan for bankers. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Unfortunately, the reality is today a child knows how to browse the net, but does not understand the mathematics of the same magnitude, causing an intellectual imbalance and conflict of interests that is neither good for the individual or the society he lives in.

Banks, financial institutions, and even corporations are turning out schemes aimed at children to boost their saving habits and business acumen. Parents and schools must take advantage of these schemes as part of their curriculum. These help the child understand facts and figures better, edifying his mental capacity. (Britannia Building Society).

By and large, the 8th-grade students fall into the age group of 12-14 years. Except for a small percentage of say ten percent each of the brilliant students and students with learning disabilities, the larger segment of students comprise the normal, average pupils for whom learning is routine and sometimes even a bane. Nevertheless, these normal, average students have no major problem putting in the right amount of effort to secure good, respectable results. The only possibility of something going wrong is when either something or someone becomes a cause for negative attitudes to set in. In such cases, mathematics becomes the first subject to become a casualty because it requires a great deal of positive concentration on the part of the student. That is why children with emotional problems face difficulties in comprehending mathematical problems. The problem could be quickly and effectively remedied by a considerate teacher through counseling and care.

The concept of budget planning, interest, and percentage may appear meaningless and abstract unless it is bound together with the relative important aspects of savings and responsible spending. The student may quickly bond with the concept if it is conveyed as something personally relevant and important to him. Otherwise, she or he may dismiss it as something applicable only to traders and bankers. They may not feel the significance of building a good foundation by grasping this concept.

Moreover, the responsibility for parents and teachers to inculcate principled spending habits on their children has increased with the modern-day marketing trends to attract young people.

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