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Need an research paper on art and gender. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on art and gender. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Art and Gender Book Review

Several sources such as the BUST magazine have been attempting to revalue various traditional norms associated with feminism such as fashion, make up, and knitting. Such a position presents a controversy since most other feminists are maintaining that such roles are diminishing their capabilities to make an impact with respect to gender inequality. It is argued that BUST magazine offers a simplistic view and a view of past feminism but not the present or the future. This is a reference to the idea that women are oppressed and viewed as second place human beings when compared to men. The BUST magazine casts the issue of feminism in a positive light while other feminists are attempting to eliminate the oppressions tied to it. This position is also in contrast with mainstream media and the most prominent representations of feminism. During the 1960s, women in the groups that opposed the past views of feminism were being referred to as bra burners since they were against the oppressions that come even with the modes of dressing associated to women. Some feminism representations have been working to unite women globally and attempt to change their mode of dressing since it intersects with performance of identity. Since most feminists are against the idea presented by BUST, it is appropriate to deduce that BUST has made an outdated claim on the view of feminism and that it is against the elimination of oppression against women.

Bearing in mind that BUST presents feminism in a more old-fashioned manner, it is clear that this magazine is targeting the women who do not identify with feminism. This implies that BUST is attempting to make fashion accessible to a specific demographic group. However, it is clear that feminists disagree with BUST and the overall viewpoints that it presents. BUST also advocates for a form of feminism that is devoid of politics. This implies that the feminism advocated for by BUST is not helping women avoid oppression and acquire gender equality. This is because it is only advocating for just dressing in a particular way. This can be seen in the magazine’s title. be a feminist or just dress like one. Such a title can be said to be ironic or not giving a positive response on how to become one. In fact, it may be attempting to advance stereotyping through its ideas and the title. Specifically, the title is encouraging the formation of a girlie feminism. Such form of feminism cannot be used to advance a political position. However, there is a benefit associated with the form of feminism presented by BUST, which is making feminism accessible to a wider range of demographic. It also side steps standard criticisms against feminists and feminism. Nevertheless, it limits the capabilities for critics to eliminate institutionalized forms of discrimination. Dressing modes have been made universal to help in eliminating inequality. For instance, beginning in the 1960s, women began wearing blue jeans to help in changing the dressing modes as practiced by previous feminine generations.

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