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Need an research paper on arts and humanties. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on arts and humanties. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Arts and Humanities Q Answer Humanities is a very broad field that includes a whole range of topics that include but are not limited to ethics, philosophy, psychology and sociology. All of these topics can be used to solve problems in the societies in the contemporary age. For example, ethics is frequently used to evaluate such matters as gay marriage, euthanasia, and cultural diversity. There are many theories of ethics, one of which namely utilitarian ethics is frequently employed to evaluate the issues. Utilitarian ethics focuses upon net happiness achieved by making specific decisions. Of many options, decision that yields the maximum net happiness is considered justified from the perspective of utilitarian ethics. Utilitarian ethics denies gay marriages to be legalized because the only happiness generated by the legalization of gay marriages is the happiness of the gay couple while its negative implications on the society are numerous including lack of the gay couple to produce babies in the society with an already negative rate of birth, drop in the number of men available to women for marriage, transgression of the limits imposed by religion, spread of such dreadful diseases as AIDS in the society, and dissatisfaction of the families of the gay couple in a vast majority of cases. So utilitarian ethics provides an answer for the question. should gay marriages be legalized?

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Arts and Humanities are worth-studying not only because they are distinct fields of study with their respective significances but also because they have the tendency to sharpen an individual’s skills in other fields of science including social sciences and mathematics. For example, looking at a painting showing the architecture of classical Rome speaks volumes about the classical Roman culture, social perceptions and values knowledge of which facilitates drawing connection between their present and past and understanding their history. Likewise evaluating different solutions to a problem with the help of ethical theories enhances an individual’s critical analysis skills which in turn improve his/her performance in research and other fields of science.

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Quran or Bible must not be categorized as literature because they were not written as literature in the first place (Winters, 2011). Literature, by definition, is a kind of art of writing that gets published. There is an author who writes text and gets it published. Neither Quran nor Bible was created by a human being. Both Quran and Bible are compilation of the verses created by God Almighty and recited by the Holy Prophets. Originally, when Quran or Bible was being revealed verse by verse, there was no means of publishing them. Individual verses were written on different materials like pieces of cloth. Quran was first compiled during the reign of the Caliph Abu Bakr (P.B.U.H.) with the help of numerous companions who had memorized the verses and compiled them on different materials. Neither of the two books instantly got published. Besides, literature is like a theory that can be right or wrong as it reflects the individualistic perspective of a human being or a collective thinking of a group of people whereas a Holy Book cannot be challenged since the verses were created by God Almighty and the believers are meant to believe in their truth. Calling Bible or Quran “literature” is inappropriate.


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