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Need an research paper on coca-cola coffeehouse. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on coca-cola coffeehouse. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. In the case of individual consumers, buying decisions are largely driven by the individual's needs, preferences, lifestyle, values, and other things which are innate to the customers. On the other hand, the buying decision process in organizational groups are more complicated, requires more formality, and seeks the approval of a set of decision makers based on the values and goals of the institution (Kotler 2002). In recognition of these various factors, Coca-Cola Coffeehouse will be creating two sets of strategies geared in capturing organizational buyers and individual consumers.

Coca-Cola Coffeehouse will be serving organizational buyers like airports, commercial companies, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions. As discussed above, these organizational buyers usually have their own formal procedures in their buying decisions. We have identified three important factors which Coca-Cola Coffeehouse will take into account in order to influence the buying decision process of these institutions: budget allocations. organization's culture and values. and product quality.

Organizational buyers, whether profit-making or not, are often very much concerned with the cost of their purchases. Higher costs entail less profit and lower level of financial resources which can be allocated to other projects. Thus, in their buying decision processes, organizations seek proposals from different product providers in order to get an idea on the costs that they will be incurring. If a certain product is homogenous and standardized, organizational buyers will prefer to acquire it from the supplier with the lowest price. In consideration of this, Coca-Cola Coffeehouse will then strive to price its product more competitively than its rivals.

An organization is highly influenced by its unique set of values and culture. In their buying decisions, companies always takes into account the image of their suppliers and ensure that it matches theirs. In order to do this, Coca-Cola Coffeehouse will position itself in the market as a drink which stimulates the spirit in order to boost productivity. The ambiance of the Coca-Cola Coffeehouse will also presents a calming and relaxing refuge from office works.

Lastly, organizational buyers' transactions are very much dependent on the quality of the product offered. Coca-Cola Coffeehouse will aim to establish relationship with its buyers by maintaining product quality. The company will see to it that it fully delivers its promises.

Individual Consumers

As mentioned above, individual consumers are largely influenced by their values, needs, wants, preferences, lifestyle, and the opinions of other people. An individual purchases products which further strengthens his or her own set of values and reveals his identity and image. It is irrefutable that individual consumers usually associate a certain product to certain characteristics and qualities.

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