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Need an research paper on does plastic surgery promote beauty or destroy it. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on does plastic surgery promote beauty or destroy it. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. This research will begin with the statement that plastic surgery refers to a medical process aimed at correcting or repairing parts of a human body. Though widely believed to encompass aesthetic surgery, plastic surgery generally is more than cosmetic. it involves a number of reconstructive surgery measures, hand surgery, treatment of burns and other body deformities as well as microsurgery. Plastic surgery has been in use by persons who want to improve their appearance. however, whether it creates beauty or destroys it remains debatable. Some people believe that the option of changing a deformed feature to improve their self-perception brings about constructive outcomes on physical and emotional health. Others argue that plastic surgery offers temporary solutions to a beauty that falls short of nurturing healthy lifestyles such proper nutrition, body exercise and limited exposure to sunlight. Additionally, medical errors resulting from some cases of plastic surgery have led to permanent deformities. The surgical corrective measures that people who want to improve their appearance resort to arguably satisfy temporary and idealistic feelings of beauty that ends in the media. McInnes, Courtemanche, Verchere, Bush,&nbsp.and Arneja have argued that plastic surgery does not alter one’s personal life. rather, it may boost an individual’s level of self-confidence and earn him or her better well-being. Some people elect to have plastic surgery on their body because they want to try it on and have a feeling of the impacts. while others want to have a new, more attractive and younger look. Either way, many American citizens are using the medical process of plastic surgery to enhance physical looks and achieve self-confidence. The outcomes remain contested, however. Fedok and Kellman have argued that the use of medicine as a strategy to improve the external physical appearance of human lives raises the question of when the best outcomes of the ‘treatment’ are been achieved. Medicine is undergoing constant evolution toward the utilization of proven technology-aided interventions which create faster, effective, less invasive methods of treatment for physical deformities. These developments often are viewed by the victims as extra incentives to go through the treatment purely for medical reasons. Therefore, the issue that arises is what will be the ultimate goal or qualities of beauty that plastic a surgery must achieve outside beyond deformity correction? Owing to the fact that perceptions of beauty vary from one person to another, the ultimate goal of plastic surgery is shifting and might lead to another deformity depending on the desire of the person and the nature of the invasive processes employed achieve these goals.

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