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Need an research paper on fast imaging techniques. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on fast imaging techniques. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Another consequence of increasing the receiver bandwidth is faster imaging. Although expanding the receiver bandwidth allows more rapid imaging, it may also significantly reduce the SNR, and this often leads to more noise outside the spectrum (Parrish, 2000, p.927). For example, as the bandwidth range is gradually increased, the system may begin to sample more inherent noise and the generated echo signal, thereby resulting in SNR's fall. Several ways can generally help recover the passwords lost due to a broader bandwidth during the image's optimization. Some of the choices include the acquisition of more signal averages and improving the receiver coil technology.

&nbsp.However, the first option is counter-productive because it may increase the amount of time needed to perform the overall scan. In contrast, the second option is often preferred because it helps maintain the original objective of choosing EPI. Lastly, about the required T2 weighted image, increasing the receiver bandwidth may reduce the effects of chemical shift artifacts on the image. According to Ra and Rim (1993, p.145), higher receiver bandwidth results in a wide range of resonant frequencies. The distortion is spread to cover a smaller pixel range and minimize the geometric distortion.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using segmentation in EPI.

Segmentation is a new concept that has significantly made it possible to use EPI on most conventional imaging systems where constraints related to signal to noise would have otherwise prevented EPI. Segmenting EPI is increasingly becoming more critical to many of its properties that ensure improved image quality than the conventional single-shot EPI. For example, one of the potential benefits of segmentation is that it allows EPI to effectively run on the traditional systems where single short EPI cannot be used. This is because segmentation ensures less stress is placed on the gradients as opposed to single short EPI and is therefore critically important in situations where the available SNR and hardware makes it difficult to acquire all the necessary k-space data before the elimination of the MR signal by the traverse relaxation (McRobbie et al., 2003, p.75).

Another essential advantage of segmented EPI is that it helps reduce the magnetic susceptibility of various artifacts. This is because phase errors often have less time to build up when segmented EPI than single-shot EPI.&nbsp.

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