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Need an research paper on information security governance. Needs to be 13 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on information security governance. Needs to be 13 pages. Please no plagiarism. A content management system enabled by the company is to create and manage the course contents in a digital format (Hoovers Inc., 2015). Its services pertain to students’ safety from mobile applications and IP video scrutiny. New established enterprises’ practices are affected by the Data security standards, PATRIOT Act and Sarbanes-Oxley act, etc. Learning and teaching platform services are provided to make a successful implementation.

Security has been the special asset of the company such as the Blackboard (Hoffman, 2011). The company provides the platform to its users by integrating the learning management capabilities and course with the security, student information, and authentication protocols. Academic Suite of Blackboard has been noted in the WCET EduTools that has an option of encryption of the entire user’s session through the SSL. Due to more options and flexibility in respect of security, potential clients are attracted. Blackboard is compatible with both outbound and inbound authentications that enables a rich interaction with the external applications. In respect of all these measures, Blackboard Inc. system has an option for accessing the system, where the client can find the option to reset the forgotten passwords and other security-related settings. Blackboard SP 9 is developed to fix the security issues of forgery prevention from cross-site requests and features of privacy-centric, protection of link injection, and Cookies disclosure. The building block of Cookie disclosure gives prior consent of the client for data collection and the extent and nature of the data collection (Mora et al., 2014).

Students raised information security concerns. Even they access the Blackboard through putting a password. hackers might be able to enter the system without any authorization. Information overload issue is faced by many students because professors’ identification is not ensured.

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