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Need an research paper on knowledge management. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on knowledge management. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The holistic management of the knowledge and information that an organisation comprises defines the crux of the working of the concept of knowledge management. The focus of this approach is on integrated approach which deals with identification, capturing, evaluating and sharing knowledge for gaining maximum result (Wallace 2007). The major components of the knowledge management includes the data and information of an organisation which is made available to all it employees through the use of electronic and traditional mediums. The exact definition of the concept is not easy to define because it constitutes of the concept of knowledge which is very wide and difficult to define Knowledge management is that discipline which aims at making the individuals and teams enable for collectively creating, sharing and applying Knowledge. This plays an implant role in helping the organisation in achieving the organisational goals and objectives. &nbsp.With the aid and sue of knowledge management the organisation aims at creating intellectual base and knowledge based assets which play an essential role in increasing the returns and profits of the company. The major focus is on sharing of knowledge amongst the employees in order to devise the best working strategies. There are two major activities which play an important role in the arena of knowledge management which involves, capturing and documentation of both types of knowledge which includes tacit and explicit and disseminating the collecting information in the organisation for generating desirable results. The concept of knowledge management indicates that there exist a strong relation between the goals of the organisation and its strategy. The management of the intellectual knowledge of the organisation for some meaningful purpose so that it creates value and meaning for the business is the major focus of knowledge management (Civi 2000). Thus, the concept of knowledge management can be defined as the systematic and well planned management of knowledge assets which an organization has that play an important role in creation of value and meets the strategic requirements of the company. The following diagram explains the concept and major constituents of knowledge management: (Source: Civi 2000) Various tools and techniques have been used for the selection of knowledge management initiatives in small and medium sized organisations. The tools of knowledge management are divided into two parts that include information technology tools and web based tools (Debowski 2007). The purpose of knowledge management is to improve the performance of the organisation by providing certain tools, processes and systems for creation, and sharing of knowledge. These tools of knowledge management are effective for decision making processes of the organisation. An effective knowledge management tool ensures ease of use by the people. Knowledge management tool provides specialised knowledge for the management of organisation in an effective manner. These tools also ensure management of technical issues in an effective manner. These tools provide adequate access to the right knowledge at the right time (Awad 2004). Brainstorming is one of the tools of knowledge management, which is used by people for generating new ideas for a particular project or event. It is considered as an appropriate tool that is resilient in nature and provides a wide range of options to people.

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