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Need an research paper on learning the english language. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on learning the english language. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Learning the English Language The English language has gradually grown to become an international language and this has made communication easy in the contemporary world. The growth of the English language to become the leading global language can be because of the application of the language in schools as the standard teaching language in many parts of the world. People that are not native English speakers had to learn and practice English for them to be competent in communication during interactions. Learning English is not that easy since a learner comes across many challenges to be fully fluent in the language. To achieve the objective one needs to apply different learning strategies for one to be competent.

I am not a native English speaker since the country I come from is multi-linguistic with one the native languages as the national language and English taken an alternative national language. I acquired English knowledge in school since it is the standard language of teaching in my country. I came across some many challenges because the environment did not favor me to practice the knowledge acquired in class. It was only a very small number that were able to communicate in English fluently hence, I did get an opportunity to practice the language. Additionally, even if English was the formal language of teaching many of our teachers preferred to teach in local languages. I acquired fluency of the language in campus because I got an opportunity to practice it. To improve the skills in the language I used to watch English based videos, read novels and other English articles as well as communicating using the language and now I can write and communicate fluently in English although I am not perfect. I acquired the idea from talk English .com (Para. 1-3) who states that one can only be fluent in English if one practices the knowledge learnt in class. In conclusion, if someone is not a native English speaker one come across several challenges in learning the language and the only way to become competent in speaking is by practicing skills learnt in class.

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