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Need an research paper on management/leadership continuum reflection. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on management/leadership continuum reflection. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Over the period of completing this course, it has been observed that many key elements have been exposed to the student. Foremost among them is the concept of personality, and its effects on the person’s behavior, motivations, and abilities. Another important factor is the types of decision-making techniques available to the manager, and the propensity of the manager to use any particular one more than the others. While these topics are more of a personal, inward glance at functioning, this introspection holds the key to surviving well in torrid conditions. The MBTI is a personality test that explains the individual’s tendencies and propensities based on four dichotomous dimensions. This test has become a valuable tool in the industrial setup. allowing the manager to understand his own strengths and weaknesses in context to the work at hand. The self – awareness afforded by the MBTI helps in understanding the reasons for patterns in functioning, and helps in taking decisions such that the strengths are highlighted and weaknesses compensated for. A manager who is self –m aware is also a manager who knows when to push for results, and when to draw a line. He is more assertive, less dogmatic and more pragmatic. This excellent instrument also has the application of helping individuals get to know each other better. It provides a scientific basis for what may have before been considered random bits of information. A manager who is able to understand the personalities of the employees will be able to assign tasks more appropriately. leading to better results and happier employees. Understanding the personalities will also help the manager decide how to interact with each person, and the possible pitfalls that may be faced when two different personality types interact. This helps avoid problem situations as and when possible. Yet another benefit of being able to understand the way personality affects our decision making capacities and our attitudes, is in interacting with clients. A manager who responds to the needs of the client’s personality is more likely to impress the client, and ensure further trade. When meeting with a new client, a manager who sizes up this potential client’s personality and responds accordingly. he is more likely to retain the client for further business. Another necessary attribute for a manager is the ability to use both, vertical thinking, and lateral thinking in the process of problem solving. Most people predominantly use one technique over the other, given any situation. However, the response needs to be fitting to the problem at hand. Some situations are best resolved with vertical decision-making, and some situations respond better to lateral thinking. A manager, who can give a response that is more accurate to the problem at hand, is more likely to benefit the situation and the organization. Vertical thinking involves deductive logic, a necessary process when resolving a structural problem. Lateral thinking, on the other hand, involves inductive reasoning and creativity, which is important in image related and novel solution situations. Any manager is faced with a variety of both these types of problems. and needs to be able to use both deduction and induction, as the case may require. Taking on from the concept of problem solving is the problem of planning for an unknown future.

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