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Need an research paper on my goal in my work. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on my goal in my work. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Answer Outline My Goal: My goal is to make my expert in the areas of geometry, algebra, and probability and data management. Reason behind the Goal:

The reason is that knowledge of these areas make Mathematical base of the students strong.

Strategy for Implementation

I will use task-oriented approach to meet my goal. For example, first three months will be reserved for teaching geometry. I will take tests on weekly basis to guarantee proper learning. Same procedure will be applied for the other sections. For measuring the overall performance, I will take a comprehensive test in the last month including questions from all sections.

If Strategy Does Not Work:

As in such case it will be the period for the first section out of the three, I will not move forward to the next section until my students become skilled in everything related to the first section.

Answer Outline # 2

The Experience:

I was the new mathematics teacher and my principal gave me the challenge to improve students’ performance in Mathematics.

Strategy Used:

I broke the twelve months of teaching session into three sections. In the first section of four months, I taught basic measurements to the students. In the next section of three months, I taught algebra, and in the last section of four months, I taught probability and statistics. I took two comprehensive tests during the last month to judge students’ performance.

Reason for selection of Strategy:

Because it included tests and the revision, which were good ways to make the students learn Mathematics properly.

Outcome and My Impact:

The outcome was very outstanding, as 36 out of 40 students got 87 percent marks in the final tests. I gave full attention to my students, which put a good impact on the outcome.

Successful or Not:

The result of the students in the final exam of the tenth grade was a strong proof of the success of the strategy.

Anything Different:

Looking at the outcome of the strategy, I do not think that I will not do anything differently in the future.

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