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Need an research paper on operations research in military/defence. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on operations research in military/defence. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. For the United States, the dilemma was partly addressed by Operations Research and its many disciplines. Fundamentally, it allowed the US military structure to make and implement highly effective and scientific decisions that resulted in the development of effective strategies, cost-effective, high performance and advanced weapon systems, among other factors that optimized its defense force in order to ensure its national security. It defined and institutionalized the role of analysis within the framework of military planning and operations. It is in this aspect wherein it is explained why the discipline is now deeply embedded in the American defense establishment. This paper explored Operations Research specifically in the American experience – in military and defense areas - beginning with its history. an explanation of the concept and its benefits, including some of the relevant theories and applications. as well as the problems with OR. The discourse underscored that Operations Research is not a new concept and that it has developed with the changing times. This aspect underscored the need for it to be continually developed and perfected. All in all, this paper discusses the importance of this field in military operations today as well as how it would influence trends in the defense industry in the future. Introduction In any kind of battle, strategy is crucial to victory. This is the reason why throughout the ages, tacticians have spent a great deal of resources and efforts in order to determine the best possible variables that would contribute to military effectiveness. For example, military spending under the Kennedy administration has dramatically rose by 30% owing to Kissinger’s traditional balance of power thinking paying for new and innovative strategies during the height of the Cold War. (Giglio and Rabe 2003, p15) Historically, when war and battles were fought with swords, arrows and spears, the variables were quite simple – the soldier’s individual strength, wisdom, dedication to a cause, honor and bravery were considered important. (Wyatt 1990, p75) The case today, however, is radically different. Technology and the new weapons system have complicated the way war is won. For example, some tacticians rely on sociologists to identify important factors that could spell success or defeat in war. According to Brooks and Stanley (2007), sociologists tend to explain elements such as the motivational issues during battle or the dynamics of unit cohesion versus ideology. There are numerous other ways by which the theme is approached and that these initiatives collectively resulted on the currently available tools for military strategists today - from technology to sophisticated tactical models that promise success in war. An important element in this continuing quest for military efficiency is the Operations Research (OR). OR, also known as decision science or management science in some sectors, pertains to the ways in which technology is harnessed for the use of institutions and organizations.

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